Well Being Retreat 13


We had a successful retreat from 6-8 December 2013.  Thank you for all your support and laughter.  The friendship we developed was amazing.  Trust you were rejuvenated, recharged and reconnected.



Well Being Retreat is held from 6 to 8 December in Batam.  It is more than a Yoga Retreat.

Simply amazing with all-in-one classes of Bokwa, Zumba, Belly Dance, Yoga, Pilates Classes at Sun Rise in a cozy dance studio.  Big time for weight loss without you knowing you are going through it.

Come with your buddy and discover your Personality.  Unveil your strength, weakness, behavior and lifestyle.  Which attributes can compliment or detriment to your well being.

Clueless about Traditional Chinese Medicine? The powerful meridian workshop would allow you to maintain youthful look with face and body meridian massage with meridian pen.  Don’t miss the tips on herbs for beautiful skin, Energy, youthful body and healthy blood circulation.

We know of You are What You Eat.  What about You are How You Live?   – Social & Dining Etiquette Workshop.  Learn the proper behavior in public and business.  We eat everyday, how you eat,  how you entertain, restaurant manners and your table courtesy is a learned behaviour and an art.  We revealed it all.

Don’t forget to go for a relaxing massage, swimming and shopping for goodies for your love ones this December.  Pacific Palace Hotel is right at the footsteps of all shopping centers and eateries!

Get lots of savings! Simply sign up for workshops-rooms-meals inclusive Retreat.

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