Corporate Programs


Are you worried about boring, complicated, dry and flat scientific terms?  Fear not!  We deliver stimulating, engaging, interacting and complete hands-on workshops.  Our holistic talks review the science and anatomy of today’s contemporary health issues. The old-fashioned ways of shuffling you with lots of technical theories are in ice age.  Our workshops comprise of 80% hands-on and we strongly believe that you have to move to feel the body.  

Weight Loss and Healthy Eating


Weight Loss and Healthy Eating workshop will help you achieve your goal and change your perspectives . We share on ways to increase your energy, create PH balance and reduce toxic in the body using natural ingredients available in the supermarket.

Mental Wellness & Stress Releasing

office breakthing

Do you have insomnia, anxious and stress over many things? This workshop will help you calm your thoughts, mind and body through your life force.  There are many tips to help you achieve a clarity of mind, expand and retain your life force. Explore many breathing techniques to help you sleep soundly, relax your mind and cleanse your body.  This signature program is sought after by MNCs. Let us wow you with these effective and fun session.

Self-Care Meridian and Pressure Points Massage

This workshop is a hands-on based focuses on self-releasing techniques for eyes, face, head, neck, spine, shoulders, hands and legs. Explore pressure points and meridians. Learn variety of techniques to reduce aches, pains and tensions.

Weight Loss and Juice Therapy


This workshop covers  healthy ways to keep your body system at bay.  It discusses blending fruits, vegetables and herbs into juices for maximum nutrients and phytochemicals.  Without painful fasting or irregular meals, participants will learn to cultivate positive eating habits, select energy fruits and explore many recipes for weight loss, hydration, fat burning, cleansing and skin renewal.

Office Stretch Therapy


Working long hours in the office developed many unhealthy symptoms such as indigestion, anxiety, high blood pressure, tension and stress.  This workshop teaches office executives simple stretch therapy for neck, shoulder, arms and spine and body.  Nobody can resist a trim abdomen through our chair exercises. You will realign your posture and correct your sloughed back.  Mindful practice of these stretches will help to circulate oxygenated blood throughout the body and keep you healthy at all times.

Look Good, Feel Great!

chair yoga stretch

This workshop will help you increase your vitality and mobility.  The techniques and tips on seated chair stretches or standing using a chair for support.

Self-Emotion Management


Participants will achieve high level of self-emotion management to deal with every situation with a calm and heart-warming manner. You will learn how to listen to the unspoken words, desires, needs and emotions of others. How to connect with people through experiential activities, creative use of effective communication models to maximize your greatness.