Health & Lifestyle Programs

Are you worried about boring, complicated, dry and flat scientific terms?

Fear not!  We deliver stimulating, provoking, exhilarating and 90% hands-on workshops.

We know that working professionals face their laptops with thousands of data transmitted to their minds.  The last thing we want to do is to feed them with uncomprehending terms.

(C.H. Ed) Wellness Director, Agnes Koh is a sensationalized, enthralling, humorous and engaging trainer.  Your workshop will be filled with laughter, valued for money and your audience will walk away with positive mind transformation.

Agnes influences her clients with powerful yet all-natural and scientific proven sessions.  She has a variety of talks include:

  • Anti-aging, Look Good & Feel Good
  • Detoxification and Weight Loss
  • All Natural and Secrets to Beautiful and Shapely You
  • 5Rs – Reviving, Revitalizing, Renewing, Regenerating, Restoring your Health
  • Chronic fatigue and stress releasing techniques
  • Zumba Fitness Corporate Class

We show people ways to live happier and healthier.  We are convinced that anyone’s biological age can be effectively reversed or slow down through holistic lifestyle strategies. This uplift is possible for all of us by simply taking few baby steps.

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